Patrick Callon

Earth Inspired Outdoor Environments

The footprint for this striking landscape and garden remains unchanged from the early 1960’s. The patio was rebuilt  using oversized flagstone and the retaining walls were broadened to increase strength. The water feature was  elevated and reoriented to improve acoustics across the space. 

The surrounding forest and breathtaking ravine are the perfect setting for this country home. The designed  landscape incorporates stone walls and garden spaces that are inviting and peaceful. Constructed and maintained  since 2012 the project continues to evolve. The garden thrives without a central irrigation system.

This garden space combines natural stone, concrete and wood in a contemporary design with timeless charm.  Rectangular shapes are repeated over and over making the space soothing to the eye and calming on the mind. A  warm fire invites relaxing and sharing on the lower terrace. 

At the time of installation, this building was the corporate office for Libro Credit Union. The planting is lush and  abundant in texture and enhances the unique architecture. The garden extends close to public walkways making the  space more communal and welcoming.

This 1980’s back yard makeover involved the addition of a shady enclave and pergola, a spacious interlocking  concrete paver patio, and a natural stone island for a kamado grill. This project expresses the value of planning and  design when integrating new features into an existing landscape.

Willie’s Café has become one of the best choices for lunch and catering in the city. Their slogan “Walk over to  Willie’s” inspired the development of this walled garden. The dry-stone wall directs pedestrian traffic to the café  entrance and buffers the view of the street for patrons seated in the café.

The mature trees on this large property were the perfect setting for a woodland style garden. Loose pathways,  natural stone, and split cedar logs combine to create a comfortable and welcoming space. Large slabs carefully tooled  and arranged make a stunning walkway to the front entrance.

An attractive combination of natural stone and manufactured materials gives this back yard a very clean look.  The dining portion of the patio is based on a 4.25m x 4.25m square with adequate space outside of the dining area  to circulate. The large planters were positioned close to the house with vegetable gardening in mind.

Quarried limestone rubble and oversized flagstone slabs are combined in this amphitheater styled patio space and speak to planning, patience, and skilled installation. The limited space for seating inspired the steps to be moved to  one side of the patio. The large floating slab steps are a highlight in this intimate garden. 

Originally built in the early 1970’s, the Saugeen First Nation Amphitheater Project represents the vision and strength of a community and is one of the largest dry-stone projects in North America. The Princess Steps, featured here, were rebuilt in 2013 -14 as part of a long term restoration plan.