Landscape Design

Patrick Callon Landscape Designer has been creating and building landscapes for homeowners and commercial clients since 1983.

Patrick will work with you to prepare a landscape design that is unique to your home and lifestyle. Projects of any size are welcome.

A completed landscape design allows you to communicate with contractors, and plan construction timelines and budgets.

If you are building a new home, planning a renovation, or thinking of updating your backyard, Patrick will offer advice that will save time and money as you move forward.

Let’s get started!

Landscape Construction

Why choose Patrick Callon Landscape Designer for your project?

With over three decades of experience, Patrick is knowledgeable and will take the time to discuss the construction process with you. He will help you achieve your dream landscape. 

The team members are artisans who work with natural stone, wood, metal, and precast concrete products to build an outdoor space that will be functional and look great for many years.

Patrick is confident that he will exceed your expectations.

Landscape Maintenance

Whether your landscaping project has been recently installed or is decades old, regular maintenance will keep it looking great.

Plants are the heartbeat of any outdoor environment. Plants require specific care to keep them looking natural and thriving for many years.

Patrick Callon Landscape Designer will perform plant and garden care that works with your lifestyle and the needs of your gardens and plants.

A mature and well-maintained landscape is peaceful and welcoming. It will also increase the value of your property.